Why This Negativity Is So Good For You!

Why This Negativity Is So Good For You!

When you think of negativity, you most likely think of cranky pants talk. Well, that’s true, and you definitely don’t want your life full of doom and gloom conversation!

But there is another kind of negativity that’s actually good for your body and your mind. Called negative ions, they are simply electrically charged atoms and molecules that are part of your body and your surrounding environment.

You can feel the impact of negative ions with waterfalls, summer rains, and fresh fallen snow. When you take a walk in the woods, or sit by a creek and listen to the water flowing, your body and your mind relaxes. That’s negative ions at work!

It’s no wonder we crave that kind of solitude. But it’s hard to make time to get to the woods or a babbling creek to repair and restore the ravages of modern life!

Instead, you get massive, daily exposure to electromagnetic radiation from power lines and household wires, electric heating and air conditioning devices, pollution, cigarette fumes, cell phones, computers, TV…WHEW!

This exposure damages your body and is believed to have a role in the aging process and cancer. Well, that’s not good.

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