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Hair removal with Waxing

All our waxing is very safe and your comfort is our main priority. We use a combination of hot and strip wax to

We use a combination of hot and strip wax to create a hair free area.


Waxing Packages
½ Leg, bikini line and eyebrow wax $60
Full Leg, g-string and eyebrow wax $90
Brazilian and eyebrow wax $69
Brazilian, eyebrow and underarm wax $88
Full face waxing (eyebrow, lip, chin and sides) + eyebrow tint $55


Bikini – Pubic Hair
Female Brazilian $55
G string wax $45
Bikini Standard $30
Male Waxing
Back wax $60
Chest Wax $60
Back & Chest wax $100
Male Brazillian $99 (Extra $20 for buttocks )
Full leg $55
Legs and arms
Full Leg Wax $52
3/4 Leg Wax $44
Half Leg wax $36
Arms $35
Facial hair removal
Eyebrows reshap $22
Chin and lip $28
Eyebrows and Lip $33
Full face wax- Lip , Chin, Sides, Eyebrows and Eyebrow tint $55

OUR GUARANTEE: If you are like 99.9% of our customers you will be really happy with our professional products and treatments. However, in the unlikely event you are not, contact us directly within 30 days and we will courteously give you double your money back, no hassles.