Love Bright Lipstick? Follow These Tips!

Love Bright Lipstick?
Follow These Tips!

Bright lipstick just makes you feel happy, doesn’t it? (It’s especially nice if you’re having a bad hair day!)

To really rock the beauty of bright lips, follow these tips:

• Exfoliate your lips. Bright colors focus the attention on your lips, so make sure your lips are smooth.

• Line your lips first. Don’t be afraid of making your lips look slightly bigger (within reason, of course.)

• Look for a lipstick with hyaluronic acid. To reduce the look of wrinkles on your lips, use a lipstick with hyaluronic acid. This will plump them to a perfect pout.

• Lip color. If you choose a berry color, add a coral shade in the center of the lip. Believe it or not, this bit of color will make a big difference in how vibrant your lips look. For other colors, use the same trick. You’ll need to find a color that makes your lips pop. (Hey, that’s what BFF’s are for!)

• Your outfit. Make sure your outfit is not as equally bright as your lips! Keep your clothes in a softer shade. This will make your whole look a stunner.

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