How To Make Your Concealer Work For You

How To Make Your Concealer Work For You

Concealer is quite possibly the biggest face saver in your makeup kit. From dark circles, uneven skin tone to blemishes, it’s hard to find a woman who doesn’t rely on it.

So how can you get your concealer to work its hardest for you? Here are our tips:

• Apply a crème concealer before your foundation, especially if you’re covering hyperpigmentation (brown spots) and redness on your face. This will help to give your foundation a boost, and you won’t have to apply as much of it.

• Redness and blemishes—Add a little concealer around your nose to cover any redness. Dot it on blemishes or use a brush. Either way, you want a layering effect.

• Your eyes—Yes, you use concealer under your eyes for dark circles. But did you know that the inner corners of your eyes also give you away? This area tends to look dark as well. So don’t forget to dot or brush a bit there to lighten your eye area.

• Brow lifting highlight. Want to lift your brows a bit? Use a bit of concealer—one shade lighter than your skin tone—and smooth it just under your brow. Use a flat or angled brush so you get a smooth, crisp line. Be sure to blend well.

• General contouring. If you do have a concealer that’s lighter than your skin tone, brush it on the high side of your cheek, down your nose and on the Cupid’s bow. Blend. Set with powder then finish the rest of your makeup.

• Lips. Run a bit of concealer around the perimeter of your lips to give a nice clean border. Then apply your lip color. Beautiful!