Aging Too Fast? Here’s What To Do

Aging Too Fast? Here’s What To Do

It was fun at the time, laying out in the sun, kicking back with friends and never worrying one minute about getting older.

Ah, youth!

Now the mirror tells a different story. And if you’re like most women, you don’t like what you see.

Here’s the good news. With a series of intense pulsed light foto facials, you can slam the brakes on premature aging.

Why a series? We’d love to say that our anti-aging super powers can reverse years of damage in just one session, but we can’t. The damage to your skin was created over a period of years.

To reduce and eliminate premature aging due to sun damage, foto facials need time to work their magic. The good news is we have the latest IPL technology available today.

That means the total number of foto facials needed will be shorter as compared to other IPL and laser devices on the market today. Yes, it’s that powerful!

With this breakthrough technology, here’s what you won’t get:

• Painful sessions
• A hand held device that treats a smaller area
• A lot more sessions to achieve the same result

Instead, you get:

• Larger treatment area coverage
• No pain
• Less treatment sessions
• Highly effective results

With this powerful, yet gentle, IPL device, the bulk of the light energy concentrates in a specific area under the skin. This approach eliminates pain. Other IPL models overload the skin with excessive energy, causing that snapping rubber band sensation.

You’ll never experience that with our IPL technology.

Each treatment session builds on the previous one. More and more collagen is stimulated, reversing the evidence of youthful indiscretion.

Age spots, broken capillaries, sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles, redness…and more, pack up and leave. What’s left behind is smooth, plump skin!

That’s the power of a series of foto facials. You get long lasting results that keep working after your series has been completed.

When you get just one foto facial, you’re spending your money. When you commit to a series, you invest in skin treatments that pay you back day after day. Oh, and the mirror becomes your new best friend!

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