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Do You Hate Having “Hair Down There”?

posted by Lissa Logan
Do You Hate Having “Hair Down There”?

Do You Hate Having “Hair Down There”?

Some women simply do not like having hair “down there.” They feel cleaner and sexier without it, and they love the silky softness of it.

If you’re among the fast-growing number of women that love a hair-free intimate area, but you’re concerned about privacy, professionalism, and hygiene, we’ve got terrific news!

Lavish Skin is highly regarded in all three of these areas, and more!

To start with, we use only the highest quality wax available on the market. That means:

It’s also perfect for sensitive skin

Does not adhere to your skin—only hair (Imagine the difference for you with discomfort!)

Endorsed by dermatologists (and what a fussy lot they are!)

What’s more, we go to every length possible to keep your discomfort to a minimum. Even though our wax does not adhere to the skin, we still apply a pre-wax oil to further reduce irritation.

We never double dip our wax spatulas! And, of course, we wear disposable gloves. It is our on-going commitment to you and our technicians to protect your health from cross contamination.

Our staff has been trained to use a specific technique for waxing your intimate area. That means a faster, less painful way to get smooth results.

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