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This month JULY 2017 is our famous membership month, you have the chance to join in our exciting membership program here at Lavish. Well, the response has been incredible and why wouldn’t it be with such a fantastic offer. All the beauty treatments you can have until your balance is “$0” plus the added benefits of the free $$$ that we give you to spend on yourself.

When you give away your responsibility by saying, “That is just the way that I am”, you remove all of your personal power. To be a more confident version of you and be the best person you can be, you must take full responsibly for your life, warts and all.

The only hard thing about getting there is how you decide to do it! Or, you can spend your money on something that will benefit you in the long run – like, YOU. If you’re due to take some me time, here are some smart ways to spend some money it that will improve your health and Wellbeing.

We have now also taken away any excuse about money $$$ if you truly believe that this is for you, we now have a payment plan option, its Beauty Pay (After pay for beauty) so pick up the phone now to pre –register or follow the link below. 

As quoted by Louise Adkins in Amazon Best Selling E-Book “Confident You” “For over 8 years, I have been salon owner and therapist. When I say therapist I mean a beauty therapist, although I really do feel like I am a counselor. Listening is the best job I can do; our job is not just about physical treatments but helping women to feel better about themselves. So many of them will come in and spend the whole session feeling guilty that they have taken one hour away from their family for some time for themselves. It is like they feel they are not worth investing the time on. Sometimes they will just sigh and say, “That’s the way I am”. Well ladies, I am going to say it… you are worth every dollar and every minute that you spend on yourself. Please stop feeling that having hot wax poured on you and the hairs painfully ripped from your body is the only time and financial investment you deserve. I want every woman out there to spend twenty minutes in the next week doing something just for themselves… either a great coffee , a great book, or a great time walking around on the grass with your shoes off. Do it for yourself; it makes you a better mum, partner, colleague, daughter whatever you are… a more confident woman.”

 The last time I looked, spending money on yourself wasn’t such a bad idea! Think of it as an emergency fund that is just for you! All you need to invest is a minimum of $600 valid for 12 months. This is a high interest deposit- (Better than any bank) with no set up fees, no ongoing costs, lots more rewards than a FLYBUYs Card !

When you choose to become a Silver, Rose Gold or Platinum member at Lavish Skin Therapy Clinic you pay the set fee up front, or you can opt for our New Beauty Pay system. Then for the entire year, or until your balance is “$0” you can have whatever full priced beauty treatments you like for FREE.  There is absolutely no limit to the amount you can have, only which Membership you choose.

Remember, these memberships are only available to the first 55 clients to purchase them.  Payment will be taken out on the 26/7/17 by cheque, credit card or cash.

Please register for PRE SALE before 26th July to avoid disappointment. Follow this link to secure your membership and one of the Lavish Team will contact you directly.

FOLLOW THIS LINK TO SECURE YOUR MEMBERSHIP    Love, Louise and her team at Lavish

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